discovers places, food and people through BRUNCH

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Welcome to the REAL after-work party!

Wake up on Saturday morning, let your hair down and celebrate the end of a busy week with a mimosa, or cure your hangover in rich and luscious carbs on Sunday. Brunch that we believe to be so much more than just a trendy meal.

This are my epicurious tales.

That’s all this really is: a collection of my brunch peregrinations. With a mouth full of eggs and bacon I want to tell you about the food and the places, also the trends and the secret behind the ridiculous price of an avocado toast but most importantly the stories of the fellow human sitting acrosse the table. All of it.

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Cooking Brunch

Personnal collection of recipes best served for Brunch

Across the table - Interviews

Across the Table

Brunch with an inspiring food loving human.

Mouthfull talk about food& cooking, ethics, projects, life… We are getting to know the person across the table over Brunc