The Brunch Pilgrim
The Brunch Pilgrim

       Welcome to the REAL after-work party! Wake up on Saturday morning, let your hair down and celebrate the end of a busy week with a mimosa, or cure your hangover in rich and luscious carbs on Sunday. Here we praise the healing power of Brunch and we believe that it is much more than a meal*. Pretty plain and simple.

And that’s all this really is: a celebration of brunch. The food, the people, the trends, the places, the atmosphere, the bacon, the way it inspires you to slow things down once in a while to enjoy a looooooong delicious meal with the people you love most. All of it.

*It is a mix of Breakfast and Lunch so it is actually two meals.

So, The Brunch Pilgrim is a BRUNCH diary. It is the stories of Instagrammable* places (*we don’t use the word pretty anymore) that also serves great food. Tales of how I accidentally made the best Shakshuka and dates with influencers who brunches. I will also try to answer questions you’ve been asking yourselves for so long : “Does an avocado really triples its value when smashed on a toast and turned into… an avocado toast?” or “ Is there a 99th way to perfectly poached an egg that they don’t want us to know?”.

I want to wander around in the search of the best ways to partake in the festivities wrapped in the oh-so-delicious meal that is brunch. And then, with a mouth full of eggs and smocked salmon I am going to talk about it. Nonstop… or until your mouth start to water and your stomach starts to growl.


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Janaël van Berkel

The girl who wanted to have brunch adventures and write about it, hates the concept  of smoothie bowls and breakfast.